Grinding is another machining manufacturing process for the fine and finish machining of workpieces.

At KL Präzision Falk Lange GmbH we use various Okamoto machine tools for grinding. These perfectly cover our production areas tool construction, jig construction and small series production.

With cylindrical grinding machines we process round, mostly metallic workpieces by grinding. In addition to the external area, we can also machine the internal area of cylindrical bodies.

Flat surfaces are machined by our precision surface grinding machines and profile grinding machines.

  • Surface grinding machine

    Surface grinding machine

  • Surface grinding machine

    • Table travel: 650x230 mm
    • Load: 200 kg
    • Table grooves: 17 x 1
    • Table speed: 0.3–25 m/min
  • Surface grinding machine

    • Precision surface and profile grinding machine
    • Perfect for toolmaking, jigmaking and small batch production
    • Hydraulic surface and profile grinding machines
    • Cross table design
    • Double V-guides lengthwise and crosswise
    • LSI control system proven over many years
  • Cylindrical grinding with internal grinding device

    • max. swing diameter: 220 mm
    • max. centre distance: 500 mm
    • max. grinding diameter: 200 mm
    • max. workpiece weight: 60 kg
    • X-axis travel: 203 mm
    • Z-axis travel: 640 mm