K-L Präzision: High-Tec from region Nordeifel

Founded in Aachen in 1998, we moved our company headquarters to Nideggen in 2014. Here at the edge of the Eifel/High Fens National Park we offer our employees a great environment and are nevertheless easily accessible from Cologne and Aachen.

Besides fast internet, we could secure enough space for expansion. In the meantime our 900 sqm production hall has been extended by a warehouse.

As a family-run company, it is important for us to inspire our employees and customers. This is the only way we can produce quality at the highest level and continue to develop ahead of the competition.

You need

  • High precision injection moulds
  • Tools for your production
  • Small machines
  • A partner who knows exactly whether and how their plans can be implemented
  • Precision, speed and reliability

We offer

  • 21 years of experience with high-tech eroding from Mitsubishi
  • A versatile machine park that also implements unusual plans
  • Development support
  • The feasibility of your plans is guaranteed when the order is confirmed
  • Modern measurement technology
  • A good, versatile and motivated team at your side